Author Guidelines

General Writing requirements

  1. Articles written in Ta'awun: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, must follow the following criteria: the manuscript is typed in Cambrian letters, abstract font size 11 with 1 space, contents in letter size 12, articles are written in 1.15 spaces, printed on A4 paper maximum of 20 pages, last custom margin setting (top 3 cm; left 3 cm; bottom 3 cm; right 3 cm). File submission is done by registration and login
  2. Article titles are printed in capital letters, upright, in bold in the middle, in 13 font, and not more than 15 words. The name of the author of the article is listed without an academic degree, is placed under the title of the article with font 11. The name of the affiliation and the address of the affiliation, as well as the telephone number is listed under the author's name, in the font 9 spaces 1. The post-e-mail address is written in 9 spaces 1 under the affiliation address .
  3. Articles written in Indonesian, especially for abstracts written in Indonesian and English with essay format.
  4. Systematics of research results are: article title, author's name, agency name, e-mail address, abstract (ranging from 150 to 250 words containing research objectives, methods, and results), keywords, introduction (containing background, a little review bibliography, and objectives), research methods, research results and discussion, conclusions and suggestions, bibliography (only contains references referred to).
  5. The conclusion section contains research findings in the form of answers to research questions or in the form of a summary of the results of the discussion. Conclusions are presented in paragraph form
  6. References include book sources, research articles in journals or research reports (including theses and dissertations). The Reference List contains only reference sources, and all reference sources must be listed in the reference list. And arranged alphabetically and chronologically.
  7. The reference source is at least 80% of the literature published in the next 10 years. The references used are the main sources of research articles in journals or research reports (including thesis, thesis, dissertation).
  8. Citations and bibliography use the American Psychological Association (APA) style. It is recommended to use reference applications such as Mendely, Zotero, etc.
  9. All texts are reviewed by expert editors according to their field of expertise. The author of the article is given the opportunity to make improvements (revisions) of the text on the basis of recommendations or suggestions from the editor. The certainty of loading or rejecting the manuscript will be provided online through OJS.
  10. Everything that concerns licensing of citing or using computer software for making manuscripts by the author of the article, along with the legal consequences that may arise because of it, is the responsibility of the author of the article.
  11. Accepted articles are published in the Open Journal System (OJS) at the website address
  12. After you submit, please confirm via WhatsApp message to number 085764147330
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